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Heyyyy! Let's see...last night me and Tiner went to Brennan's practice at his friend Dan's house. they are def. good! They are really nice kids and we're gonna chill with them more often! And so far todays been a pretty good day! :) Worked...and that was fun, came home real quick then Ryan stopped by to drop some shit off...and um yeah mistake again!! but its ok cuz i wasnt the one gettin used this time! :-D So then i went to Justin's! i chilled with him for a bit which was good, hes such a good friend. And now i am just talkin to Ms. Tinaaaaa on the phone and i'm leavin for work soon :( oh well. i'm sure it will be fun! Then tomorrow i gotta go into work on my day off...but its ok more $$$. Then its the Ambry showwwww! YaY! i'm excited and Justin's gettin me a t-shirt! woooo! lol ok i'm off to work! i'll talk to ya all laterrrrrrr! prolly tomorrow night if ur lucky! ;-)


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