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Not much to update...

...butttt i figured i would anyways! So Yesterday i worked...it was fun:) i'm sure most of you know why :-D Yeah i've come to the conclusion its not even a crush its just the fact that i want to fuck him! haha ok um yeah i'm not a slut...for obvious reasons! but i had to let that out hahaha! So then i took like a 3 hour nap! and then headed to Dunkin's to visit Matty and get food for the Tiner family! hahaha. Me and Tiner just chilled and talked about how a lot of people piss us off...you know the usual stuff :) but we love a lot of people too so dont think we're some shit talkin bitches cuz we're notttttt! Anyways i'm off to today and yeah my mom is too and she was lecturing me on how i need to get a real job. yeah i know dunkins isnt a real job but i make a lot more than then a lot of people make at normal jobs. but yeah eventually i'm gonna have to find a job where i can get health insurance and benefits...but right now i'm fine working at dunkins and tj maxx. Seriously i'm only 18 i dont need a "career" right now. and i do plan on goin back to school sometime soon. Prolly not in the fall but possibly the semester after. We'll see tho. Alright well i gotta go run some errands and stuff then me and tiner are chillin tonight. Goin to a practice so yeah i'll talk to you all laterrrr!

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i hope you werent talking shit about me HOE!...

and yes...i think you're the coolest person in history. and please just fuck the manager already!

♥-i love you BBL!
hahaha no we werent talkin shit about youu! WE <3 YOU! and yeah i wanna fuck the manager! :-D

Love ya as well babycakes!
all i cam say is gross, he is old, we really need 2 put a stop to this disgusting obsession, but i will admit when i read this i fucking laughed my ass of~its not a crush i just wanna fuck him...HA HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
hehe its so true! i dont wanna like be with him i just wanna fuck him! so i thought i'd let ya all know! :)
thanx for the visit yesterday... ;-)