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Heyyyyyyy! Just got in from chillin with My Tiffy...obviously...cuz when are we not together?! haha so yeah we went to the mall, got some food, i "borrowed" a watch and bracelet J, at the mizall we saw a lady with the longest mullet everrrrrr and then we saw these two wicked hott girls in line at Burger King...haha only Tiffy will get that! then we went to the movies and planned on seeing 50 First Dates...but we got there too late, so we decided to see Monster instead. Yeah deff a goooood movie, kinda sad at times and deff groosom (sp?) at times! But it was good and taught a good lesson....DONT BE A HOOOOOOKER! So then we’re driving home on 213 and we go buy where Tara’s accident was…and I was showing Tiff and not paying attention to the road like an idiot and we almost friggin hit the guy in front of us L ugh I’m so dumb! I hate driving by there it makes me miss her so much! Anyways on a better note I hung out with Tiff last night as well and we went and ate at Friendly's...wow all we do is go out to eat. no wonder why i'm so fat!!!! But the no carbs diet starts soooon! J
Ok well now i'm gonna go watch some tvvv and most likely pass out cuz i always do! Workin both jobs tomorrow...blah! But i think you should all come and visit me...dunkins is 7-12(yeah kinda early) but TJ Maxx is 5-9:30...so NO excuses...BE THERE! Ok i will talk to y'all later!

hehehe Tiffy!


*xOxOxO*                                   enter the LoViN right hurr....<3

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