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Yay Tiffy made my live journal look ohhhhh so prettyyyyyyyy! Lets see...slept late today cuz i was offffff! Then chilled around here...had another panic attack :( but at least i didnt freak out and i knew how to handle it. So then i went to Tewksbury to meet up with my cousin and we took our adventure through Boston to find the hospital my grandmother was in. She had surgery yesterday so we went to go visit! haha fun time drivin around Boston fo sho! Then i came home and i FINALLLLLLLY got to see my Tiffy. We're like attached and miss each other when we're apart...aww how cute! :) So then um we went and got sexually harassed at Andrew's. Ew he just gave us this sick feeling in our stomache. YUCK! he thinks i'm goin over there now lol but um yeah i'd rather go to bed! Got work tomorrow mMmM  MmmM and i dont mean for the donuts ;) haha ok i gotta go to bed i'll talk to you all tomorrow!

Oh and the guy situation...Lets see Jay's most likely goin back with Melissa and i dont know about my crush...that might now work cuz i dont wanna ruin things and tell him i like him so we'll see...and oh yeah still no call from Nick. Surprised?????? nope me either!


((*Goodnight and Sweetest Dreams!*))

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