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*Hiiiiiiii! :) Just got in from workin at good ol' TJ Maxx...it wasnt too bad cuz i only work there like once a week now! So its good! Lets see...i have a *LiL CrUsH* but i'm not sure what to think...i dont know if hes interested or just wants to be friends? i dunno boys are confusing...but hes deff a cutie and hes MATURE...finally a guy whos MATURE! yay! We'll see what happens...hopefully i am chillin with him this weekend! Then theres Tim...haha i sent him my pics and he really really wants me...yeah i dont know why either...but he does. He sends me some pics of him as well...haha but his pics are a lil bit different then the ones i show him....lets just say hes RATHER LARGE! haha. but yeah he wants to hang out sometime...we'll see. hes 17 and i dont usually go for younger guys. but i guess i can give him a chance!
Anywayssss...tomorrow i'm off! yay! i gotta go to the hospital to visit my gram with my cousin Vicki. She just had surgery so i'm gonna be nice and visit :)Then most likely chillin with MY TIFFY! yay! we miss each other already!!!! haha LOVE ya!

Ok thats enough...and i will not update AGAIN until u people start leavin some good interesting comments for me...OK! :D Have a good nighttttttt!



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