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Ohhhh whats upppp! So lets see last night i dealt with some drama from some certain people about their ex-bf wanting to hang out! Seriously i HATE drama! (Tiffy thats so not about you hunnie!) Then me and tiner went to Justin's and then went bowling with...him, mike, jon chris and jen. it was alright...Tiner wasnt too happy...can i mention that GUYS SUCK ASS! lets count how many times thats in my whole journal! :) haha anyways i think that mike's brother is actually hott and tiff says that doesnt make me weird cuz she see's it too...if he dressed a lil differently i think i'd WANT HIM! and no i'm not shallow...but um hes a lil different lol. Anyways today's my day off and me and Tiffy are goin to get the SHOT! haha cuz u know how derry fast food restaurants are...freakin GROSSSSSSS! ok anyways heres a FUN LIL SURVEYYYYYYYY for youuuu all! haha Leave some comments unless its drama...i hate drama! byeeee! :)

*Self Side*


Date of Birth: 10/13/85

middle Name: Nicole
Parents names: Peter and Lisa
Siblings names and ages: Chris 15
Eye Color: blueee
Hair Color: dark dark brown as of now!
Height: 5'2 1/2
What music do you like: pop, hip hop, rap, punk, i like it all
Where do you live: good ol' hampstead
Do you drive: yes my lil Sunfire! haha


food: pasta!
drink: root beer
band: Ambry? hehehe!
singer: Jessica Simpson
actor: Chad Michael Murray! mmmm!
actress: Brittany Murphy
movie: hmm i have A LOT!
cartoon: Rugrats!
song: none at the momento
color: baby blue and pink!
number: 13
day: Saturday
month: May
vacation spot: Bermudaaaa!
radio station: Jam'n and Kiss 108
show: Lets see...prolly Real World right now!
perfume/cologne: Lucky You
part of the body: armssss and hands? i dunno! i like em!
smell: good smelling boyssss! ;)


Nicknames: Lau, Lolli, Fredo, Frita...for people who dont know how to spell my last name!
Last name: Freda
Who do you hate: people who lie, cause drama and are assholes
Who do you like: my fam, my girls and a select few boys!
Who do you envy: jessica simpson...i loveeee her and would love to look like her! :)
Who do you secretly wish would die: haha i think its illegal to write in here?
What do you want to be: successfullllll

Relationships and junk

Do you have a significant other: right now no
What's their name:
Are you in love: NO! ahhhhh
Do you live together: .....
Do you have your own apartment: nope still livin with the rents! :-D
Do you have any children: nope not yet!
Do you have a crush: a few...
Do you like women: sexually no!
men: yes i do like the penis i wont deny!
Longest relationship: few months
Most pointless relationship: too many to name haha
Do you date older guys/girls: i like older guys!
Do you date younger: i never have...


Do you...

smoke weed: used to
ecstacy: no
cocaine: no
heroin: no
crystal meth: no
crack: no
drink: why yes i do! :)
ketamine: no
PCP: no
oxycotin: no
clona pins: no
percaset: no
vicodin: no
smoke cigarettes: when i'm drunk or socially

Past Side:

What do you remember most about the 1900's: strech pants, big hair, scrunchies haha u kno
How have you changed: more mature
Memory you miss: there are so many!! people have changed too much...but i will admit i miss high school just not the drama!
Friend you miss: i miss a lot of my old friends!
Whats the first thing that you thought this morning: Why is Tiner callin me at 9:30 and um i hate people who write shit in live journals.
Did anything interesting happen earlier today: not yet i just woke up.
Were you "cool" 5 years ago: lets see that was 8th grade/freshman year...yeah i suppose u could say i was alright lol.
Does it make you sad to know you can't go back in time: sometimes it does :(
How did you dress in highschool: normal?
What 'group' were you in in high school? the middle

Future Side:

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: married w/ kids...hopefully in LOVE.
Future sons names: its funny cuz i like these names a lot but i've liked guys by all these names basically lol...Joshua, Nicolas, Luke, Ryan theres more but i cant think right now
Future daughters names: i love the name Kayla...before it was taken >:0
Where do you plan on living: no idea! prolly still in NH
What age do you want to be married: around 23
Do you want to go to college: i was/am in college.


Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes! O:-)
What do you wear to bed: pajamas
If you could dye your hair one color what would it be: umm dark brown with pretty blonde highlights.
If you could have a tattoo what and where would it be: prolly the chinese symbol for dream and i'm not sure where yet.
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: nope
How many rings before you answer the phone: as many as it takes to get to it
Have you ever been attacked by a big dog: lol no
How many homes have you lived in: 2 houses and an apartment.
Do you play an instrument: nope
Do you write: yeah i like to write poems!
Draw: doodle
Do you get along with your parents: yup finally.
Favorite city to chill in: anywhere but around here!
Do you enjoy taking these: yes i will admit!
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