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Eventful day...well not really but its ok! Went to good ol' Manchchesterrrrr after work to go get Tiffy...OBV! Then we went to pick up some grub at Taco Bell! MmMmM:) Then came back to my house and decided to dye our hair. i bought these herbal essences highlighting thing. so we did it and mine came out like ass so i dyed it with the dark dark brown i bought a few weeks ago and it came out GOOD! :) So then we were bored out of our minds and just talked online. Then Tinerrrr came over and we all tried to find something to do...but there was NOTHING...why? cuz we live in NH! Sooo we decided to go visit Joey for a bit! but i'm not gonna mention his name in here anymore cuz he doesnt comment! ;) So yeah then i dropped Tiner and Tiff off at Tiner's...and i came home and got yelled at for dying my hair in the tub! and becoming disrespectful again! wow gotta love it. Anyways i'm goin to bed i got work early! but heres some picsssss of me and the WONDERFULESTSSSS!:)

Leave some LoViN!

Me a few days ago!

Me with my new hair...thanks tifffffffy! :)

Its true...i am an online hoe! hahaha!

Me and TIffy! :)

Yeah me again

Tiner, Tiff and Me! (Wonderfulestssss) haha!

Yeah i'm deff not photogenic? is that how u even spell that? haha i dunno but i dont even look like that really? i dunno!!! ENJOY :-D
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