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Today was my day off yay! I went up to Manchestaaaaaa to pick up my Lovely LoVaAaA Tiffany Long. We went on a lil job search to find her a job! Went to quite a few restaurants and then went to TJ Maxxxxxx to get my bathing suit bottom that wasnt in the bag when i bought it! Then went to Papa Gino's...yum! We decided to call up Chris (Dion) and go visit him at work. he got very hott...why didnt i like him when he liked me? damnit! We thennnn went back to my house and talked to our peeps and decided to go meet up with Joey at the mizall. So we did and then came back to my house to watch REAL WORLD obv! Good time as always. i do love my tiffy! We're most likely hanging out tomorrow after i work 6-11 cuz we are attached by the butt! wooooo!
Here's some comments people had to say about us today...
thats y i love u 2
HeatheR May XoxO:
behave girls
^We are quite naughty!^ ;)
UrxBaByxGiRlx143: im jealous i wanna hang out with u guys
For a fun time just call us up! 1-800-lau tiff hahahaha!

Ok anyways the Nick thing is still gettin to me :( but Tiff made a good point today...
mmiverson3mm: no...he hadnt done anything to push you away...he was saying everything you wanted to hear...there was no reason for you to not fall for him
its true he really didnt! thats whats keepin me attached cuz as far as i know he does like me? ahhhh i hate this so much! why cant i be happpppppy! just once!! and now Ryan has a stupid away message to the girl hes with in pembroke! i hate guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i gotta go before i get mad/sad even more! and oh yes whoever is goin in my journal and posting in Tasha's cut the shit and grow up! Ok thanks!

*Have a good night! :) and leave POSTS!*

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