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no freakin idea!!!!

So the day started off fine...went to work 7-3. it was alriiiiiight! i have to admit Saturday was way more fun...for different reasons;)
haha ok no more work stories! So i came home from work and got ready n' stuff to go out with Tinerrr. OBV we were going to see Ambry :) So we go there and meet up with Tiffy and Tasha! DEFF a good show even tho Justin and Chris didnt think so. you guys still did well and i enjoyeddddd it! So then me and the girls went out to Chili's to get us some grub! Yum chicken fingers, french fries w/ honey mustard and chips, and oh yes corn on the cob! it was good. we had some quality conversations. Woo! So then me and Tiner come back to my house and talk online and ish. then Tiffy came :) So here comes the freakin best part. Nick comes online...yeah what i've been waitin for for like how long now? yeah. so i IM him and he starts typing dumbass shit like "lkjfhsalkh" and "iuewthkn" i'm like cool wtf dont talk to me until ur not drunk or whatever. so then he signs off. WICKED FUCKING COOL! looks like you really miss me. to go along with all the phone calls i DIDNT get from you! I LOVE IT!!!!!! so yeah that basically ruined my night.
So i was talking to Jen this morning and we were talkin about how we are nice and pretty girls (at least shes pretty) and how we work 2 jobs, would treat these boys like freakin gods, we're NOT sluts and how we're just good people!!! and they dont see it. awesome! he sends me all these freakin mixed messages! AHH!!!!!! but Jen made me feel better shes so funny!:) Anyways i'm gonna go before i flip even more! So leave comments to make me feel better and if you piss me off more i WILL hunt you down! OK THANKS!

and oh yes CONGRATS again Heather!!! She's adorable!

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